Velextra is a supplement meant to increase libido and act as a female sexual enhancement.I am reviewing this through tabutoys. This little pink pill has many herbs and ingredients that are thought to increase desire and arousal as well as giving an energy boost. The product claims some pretty amazing things and might give the user some pretty high expectations. Statements such as “kicks your pleasure into overdrive” and “giving her the ever-lasting energy to perform over and over again” make it sound like it could really be a powerful product, but I’m not entirely sure it lives up to these claims.
There is one pill in each packet and is meant to be a one time use. The pill is hot pink and is about the size of a typical Tylenol and is not difficult to swallow. It is best to swallow it with water in my opinion, but the directions did not mention that this is necessary. Acording to the packet, it should work as little as 45 minutes and that it can stay in the system for 24-36 hours.
The instructions say to stimulate the clitoral and labial areas for maximum effect. I believe this is the most important part. A supplement may or may not do much, but the way you touch your partner and show affection for her is going to have the biggest impact on her arousal.
The supplement contains many ingredients that are thought by some to have aphrodesiac effects. The ingredients include: L-Arginine, Ginseng – 80, Fennel Seed Powder, FO-Ti, Ginger Root PE, Licorice Root PE, Magnesium Stearate, Saw Palmetto PE, Astragalus Root Powder, gelatin, rice, flour, magnesium stearate, stearic acid and silica. Obviously if you have any allergies or sensitivities to any of these ingredients, it is probably going to be best to skip this product, also those with health conditions might want to check with their doctor before taking this product.
The packaging warns not to take more than one pill every 24 hours, so this isn’t a case of more is better when using this supplement. Just like with medications, supplements can affect people differently and some women may feel the effects more or less strongly than others. Always pay attention to your body and how you feel and don’t ignore or dismiss any symptoms or side effects you have after taking any supplement.
This product can be taken safely with alcohol and alcohol supposedly has no effect on the effectiveness of this product. It is a good idea to know your body beforehand though before trying this product with alcohol. For example, I know that I have a much more difficult time becoming aroused and lubricated after drinking alcohol, so taking alcohol with a product that is meant to increase libido seems like it would be ineffective for me.

With only one pill in the sample, it’s difficult to say just how effective this supplement is. After taking it I felt pretty much the same as I usually do and I felt that being given a placebo would have been just as effective. I took it about an hour before my partner came over, and I really didn’t notice feeling any different than normal. After my partner came over and we started having sex, I also felt I had a normal (for me) response. I am someone who gets aroused easily and has fairly easy orgasms. So perhaps it didn’t change much for me because I already have pretty high arousal anyway, however I can honestly say I felt no difference when using this product.
I don’t think this product is something that’s going to take someone from being completely uninterested into being over-the-top horny, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to try it since it comes in a single serving packet. I believe though that a little foreplay and putting some effort into romancing and seducing your partner will go much farther than any pill ever will offers discreet, private shopping to men and women of all sexual orientations. And to help you pick out just the sex toy, dildos or vibrator  you’ve been looking for, they offer an excellent sex toy quiz.
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