Roulette lucky 11

I was super excited about the Lucky 11 vibrator. It was love at first browse. I’ve heard great things about Evolved Novelties, and the Lucky 11 looked quite exciting. I was especially interested in the spiffy nubbed dial at the bottom, and the pronounced swirls that cover the shaft of the toy.

Lucky 11 is a vibrator & dildo duo. The shaft provides 5″ of insertable length, and the multi-speed vibrations can clearly be felt throughout the entire body of the toy. Lucky 11 is made of silicone, and features fancy raised swirls that enhance the penetrative experience. I love silicone toys, because they warm up quickly, work with water-based lubrication well, and are easy to wipe clean. Lucky 11 is no exception.

Lucky 11 was a lot of fun to use, and I’m pretty sure she is my new favorite vibrator. She’s on the larger side in terms of girth, but the smooth silicone finish and firm shaft makes insertion easy — especially if you add a bit of water-based lubrication. She runs on three AA batteries, which provide excellent vibrations. At top speed, achieving an orgasm is easy. So easy, in fact, that before I knew it I was having a second orgasm! I rarely have multiple orgasms from masturbation alone, so that was a pleasant surprise.

Lucky 11 was great for double penetration play, and at certain angles in the missionary and girl-on-top positions I was able to use her for direct clit stimulation, which enhanced the experience my husband and I had with each other.

In terms of vibrations, Lucky 11 definitely excels. Some dildos provide rather weak vibrations, but I’m happy to report that Lucky 11 clearly broke the mold during production, because the vibrations she puts off can clearly be felt throughout the entire shaft. Use Lucky 11 for either penetration or clit stimulation; whichever you choose, you’re bound to have a blast! offers discreet, private shopping to men and women of all sexual orientations. And to help you pick out just the sex toy, to dildos or vibrator you’ve been looking for, they offer an excellent sex toy quiz.







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