Little Su



When you first started masturbating did you hump the bed?  The pillow?  Did you lay on your belly, shove a hand between your legs and rub yourself against your own fingers to get off?

Did you?  I did.  I still do sometimes.

If you did…  or if you want to…

The Little Su is going to be the perfect toy for you.

Crafted out of medical grade, velvety smooth silicone, the Little Su is truly a product created for a woman’s pleasure.  Non vibratory, non phallicly shaped, this dildo is designed for dual use – either alone or with another woman.

The Little Su measures in at a 3 3/4 inch insertable length and 1 1/2 inch diameter that is girthy enough to fill you up but not cervix bumpingly long.  It dips and bulges in all the right places with vulva embracing ridges and a raised nub for clitoral stimulation.

Little Su is not your ordinary dildo.  It’s not intended for thrusting and vigorously fucking oneself.  Instead, it’s created to be rocked against, to gently fill and stimulate the vaginal canal and clitoris at the same time.

If you cannot get yourself off with your fingers, this dildo is not going to work well for you.  If slow, gradually building, non vibratory sensations aren’t your thing, this dildo is not going to work well for you.  If you want to get off with a fast bang, this dildo is not going to work for you.

But if you want to rock and hump yourself into a state of frenzied, orgasmic bliss? Go. Go and get the Little Su right this minute.

The Little Su (by Joya) comes packaged in a very appealing, book-like box in shades of white, red and black.  (The shades the toy is available in, as well)  In fact, when you open the box, there is a small instruction book bound into the box on one side, a foam insert containing the dildo in the other.

The instruction manual is quite thorough and detailed.  It includes not only the story of the original Little Su (a famous courtesan and poet) and material information, but detailed instructions (and illustrations) for it’s use, as well.

Joya instructs the user to insert the bulbous end of the dildo, placing the small bump against the clitoris, and either play with oneself or lie upon ones stomach and rub against the bed.  You see?  Early masturbation technique made sophisticated.

The Little Su can also be inserted by one woman and used while two women rub their vulvas against each other  since the clitoral bump is dual sided; a raised bump both inside and out. (With the cutest little smiley face imprinted into the silicone) offers discreet, private shopping to men and women of all sexual orientations. And to help you pick out just the sex toy, dildos or vibrator  you’ve been looking for, they offer an excellent sex toy quiz.

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