Je T’aime G-spot

This Je T’aime  G-spot focused toy was given to me by tabutoys for this review and  I’m in love with it and it is now one of the toys I keep near the top of my collection for quick and easy access to it! I will go into more details of its virtues and express its one flaw more below. I would assume that this toy is best used by females as it is a toy specifically meant to stimulate a woman’s G-spot. The rather sharp curve at the end of the toy would make it hard, even potentially harmful, to use on other areas of the body. I personally would only use this in solo, masturbating play. The toy can kind of “stab” you a bit if you don’t have control of it or are playing too forcefully with it. I couldn’t trust another to know how to gently use this on me.
It is also quite a loud toy which would be really distracting in couple play. If you have the house to yourself though, this toy is just wonderful for more intermediate toy users!

This is definitely a personal preference, but I’m a huge fan of sleek, hard plastics with a toy like this. It is made of a shiny, pastel pink, hypo-allergenic, latex and phthalates free plastic. I love how easily it slides in and out of me and I love how very clean it feels once it’s been washed up. Because of the type of plastic it is made of, it had no odd odor or taste. I’d say that the sleek texture is a more beginner’s texture but I would not recommend this as a first toy because of the sharp curve to the toy and because the toy has no flexibility.

The design of the toy is quite nice as well! The toy’s control is a single button housed in the top of the toy that unscrews for battery insertion. This button also makes a great handle! It fits in the palm of my hand perfectly and allows me to keep steady vibrations on my G-spot. I am a bit small inside so most toys are too long for me and this one is no exception, but it still reaches my special button just fine!
If you are someone that likes to be stretched and filled up, this is not the right toy. It is maybe an inch wide and is more designed to deliver focused vibrations to one spot inside of a woman.
Again, because of its shape, I would place this toy on a more intermediate level. If you’ve never experimented with toy insertion before this would will feel sharp and uncomfortable.
I would not recommend this toy for discreet traveling at all! It is very loud and its hard to mistake it’s shape for anything other than what it is!

Performance-wise this toy really delivers! It is very powerful for such a pink, skinny thing! Strong vibrations really center at the tip of the toy and lighter waves carry all the way up to the grip. There are multiple patterns and settings including escalating, pulsating, and vibrating. Instead of having to cycle through all these settings to get the toy to power off (something that can get tedious), you can just press and hold the button for 3 seconds and the toy goes to bed.
The toy claims to be waterproof, but I will not submerge mine in water because I just don’t feel that the battery compartment is that well sealed off. I really wouldn’t even use this in water unless lying in the tub. Slipping with this toy would be very painful!
The toy’s biggest downfall is how noisy it is! Wow. I really have a hard time hearing my own soft moans over it even. It’s not a deal breaker for me but if you live with others and are trying to be discreet about your toy play, don’t even consider this guy.

Because of its sleek design, I don’t require any lubrication with it. It would work just fine with a water-based lube though if needed. Its rigidity makes it durable and easy to store. I just throw it in my box with my other hard plastic toys. This is one of my easiest toys to clean! Warm, soapy water, pat it dry, done!

The toy came in a very pretty box and I’m a sucker for the lovely French name it has! But the box is just flimsy plastic that is not suitable for storing so it was just thrown out.

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