sexy tickle my fancy peacock Costume Discounters


I had the opportunity to review the sexy tickle my fancy peacock costume. They have 3 sizes; small, medium, and large. I picked the small size, I realize it will fit someone who wears a 0-3.

So what’s included;

The dress- it says it will fit a person who wears a size 2-6, In this case I wear a size 0. So, it was a little big, put it this way when I put it on I didn’t even know there was a zipper in the back of the dress. The dress it’s teal and blue in color and it’s silky which was a b

onus. I really like the flare bottom of the dress, it makes it more suductive. The top of the dress is strapless with black criss cross ribbon with peacock feathers. The only disappointment I have with the dress, is if you are busty like I am, you trend to fall out of the top. I suggest a strapless bra to go along with it.

Wide blue choker- This was very difficult for me to review. Yes, it’s purple silky and very cute. But, I have a very thin and skinny neck. It was loose wear I can put all 4 fingers between the choker and my neck. I feel this is more for someone who has thickness in the neck.

Long black gloves- these gloves are made of stretchy material. I have little fingers, so when I put on the gloves it goes up to my biscep. I am sure if you have long fingers and arms it would probably go up to your forearm

Hair piece- is very unique I think, it’s cutely made. I like how you just clip it in your hair and the peacock feathers stick out.

Peacock feathers- When reading the description of the product details it mentions that it comes with peacock feathers like a fan type thing. unfortunately I can’t give my opinion on this piece of the costume as realizing mine did not come with one.

Overall, this costume was amazing, it’s everything, I expected. It’s unique, sexy and most of all it flares out. I would totally recommend this to anyone who wants to stick out in a uniquly sexy way.

I did forget to mention due to the material you have to handwash and line dry.

I received this free of charge in exchange for my opinion.You can purchase this costume at Costume Discounters

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