Foxy Fuzz Police Costume

This sexy costume can be used for a wide source of activities, or to heighten the role play in the bedroom.
What’s included?

Bustier – This is made for a small petite woman. If you have a cup size between A – C size. I liked it because it perked up my breast and the straps are adjustable to fit your figure. The con is there are way to many hooks. There are 3 different sizes that you can adjust to your body frame. It just took too much time to put on, but I was happy with the outcome of the way it looked and fit comfortably.

Skirt – The lace on the bottom was very irritating and itchy. The material is roughly made and was not as comfortable as the top was. You would have to be extremely petite to fit into the skirt. I wear a size “0”, and I still had difficulty fitting into it. I am also thick at the hips maybe why.

Handcuffs / Baton – These were made of a very cheap plastic. The handcuffs wouldn’t even fit my partner when we were role playing, and the baton was a real joke. We didn’t even use it. I was very disappointed with the accessories with this sexy costume.

Neck Tie – This comes with a adjustable neck tie, if you have a petite or medium neck size this can fit you. It felt real comfortable around my neck and added sexiness to this costume.
How do you clean it?
Well it is made out of 100% cotton and you have to hand wash separately. DO NOT BLEACH

This really held up nicely. The skirt was disappointing, but over all it was amazing. I used this costume for adult foreplay, my partner was really naughty and had to be punished.


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