Le’reve Mini G

This is a g-spot massagerfrom Pipedreams, The tip of the curve is made to reach all the right places inside. It is finger massager, there is a ring on the bottom to put your finger in the loop. It has 3 speeds low, medium and high. The speeds were not that intense which was pretty disappointing.  It doesn’t seem to be long enough to touch the g-spot and the clitoral stimulator doesn’t stimulate. My quick release came from holding the toy outside, right over my clitoris. I’m not impressed. I wouldn’t suggest it for anything other than vaginal and clitoral use. It says it is waterproof, but I have not tried that yet The TPR, which is non-porous, felt a bit sticky. But, I did not have to use any extra lube. My natural lube was enough. i loved the design. I just wish it was a little thicker, or longer, or both. To pick just one? Thicker. It is too pointy for a g-spot toy. The vibrating seems to be centered at the ‘base’ closer to the ‘retrieval ring’. There are three settings I believe, and the button to control them is fairly easy to reach. In my opinion it was just too noisy. It is easy enough to clean. Just use a mild soap and warm water or toy cleaner and warm water, then dry with paper towel. You can store in the plastic ‘case’ it came in.

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