Le Réve Dolphin Pink

The waterproof Le Reve Dolphin can be tons of fun in an out of the water. It comes in Black, White, and Pink. I received this free of charge from Pipedreams in exchange for this review.

There are many features this vibrator has to offer. The first is its waterproof. I enjoy waterproof toys, because its my relaxation time alone. Its quite motor leaves your orgasms in mystery.

This dolphin has 4 speed of pulsation and 4 speeds of rotation. I really like that I am able to use the vibrations without the rotation, many vibrators don’t have that option.

The base control has led lights. It helps when your playing in the dark. To turn it on press the middle control button. If you push it 4 times it will go through the various pulsated speeds. If you push the bottom control button it will take you through the 4 rotation speeds. The top control button turns the vibrator off. What I like about the rotation option is that it squirms rather that spins in circles. The best way to describe it is it looks like a fish swimming.

The material is made out of hygienic TPR. Which is non porous. I would still recommend using a toy cover or condom if your going to share the use of toys. It is for vaginal use only, so no anal insertion on this baby. Clean up is a breeze. A anti bacterial cleaner or a mild soap and water would be just fine.

I really enjoyed this vibrator. It was everything I could imagine and more. The speeds were strong , but nice and the rotations are incredible. I was able to review this porpoise from Pipedreams

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