Deep Stroker II

Deep Stroker II by: Doc Johnson

The Deep Stroker II is a thrusting vibrator. It is used for internal stimulation. I do not recommend this for anal use. It has a bulky controller, which controls the thrust and the vibrations. Like all your thrusting and rotating vibrators, you have to have a the thrusting option on to operate.

It takes 3 AA batteries, which to put them in was a struggle. When inserting them in and closing the case, be careful not to wiggle the control base around, the batteries will pop out.

Here are the Tech specs:
Length – 8″
Girth – 4 3/4″ around
Width – 1 1/2″
Material- Latex, rubber
Powered by – 2 x AA batteries
Special Features – Multi-speed, up & down motion, powerful
Color – Flesh

The thrusting action on this vibrator was fast acting and tend to hurt a bit. It was hard to control the speed on the thrusting. The vibration speed on the other hand while using the thrusting was out of this world. Has to be the best option on this vibrator. Deep stroker is the right word for it, cuz it went pretty deep inside the vagina wall.

If you are looking for a quiet discrete vibrator , your looking at the wrong one. This was very noisy and rattling noise when in use. It is penis shape and made out of latex. So, if you’re allergic beware of this material. Doc Johnson really let this vibrator down with the expectations of the name.

I had the opportunity of receiving this free of charge for this review by Pink Cherry.

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