Smart balls

Smartballs are also love balls vaginal balls. I had the opportunity to review these balls from goodvibes. The gentle to intense vibrations of the vaginal balls trainstne pelvic muscles. A well trained pelvic floor helps a women in reaching an orgasm, making it more fun during sex. Smartballs come in a various of colors. I received a neon orange color. They are made out of elastomer a body compatible, odorless material and its easy to clean. It is sheathed in silicone and the hollow shaped finger makes insertion easy. This is great for beginners or women with a dropped or tilted uterus. Smartballs can remain in for a few minutes to a few hours. Pregnant women can use this with the consent from a doctor. I noticed when using the smartballs it made me tighter. When it comes to intercourse I was very pleased with this product. I recommend it to anyone who wants to tighten their pelvic muscles.

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