Sexcessories Kit

I chose the sex kit from Good vibrations because I wanted to spice my sex life up to a new level with games.

What is included?

Superhotsex deck

Let’s fool around dice game

Strawberry kiss lickable oil

And Lust dust flavor body powder

This Valentine’s Day I wanted to spice up my sex life with a little fun in the bedroom. I was in the mood for a little dice foreplay. So, when this sex kit came with dice, I was all for it, my man and I each had a die and we were rolling them. It’s very erotic one die had the body parts and the silver one told you what to do.

The superhotsexdeck was amazing it came with 52 cards with sexy secrets and tips, enough for a card a week for the whole year. There is the show off, play dirty, get kinky and lust lessons cards. Each card is jammed packed with information and hot sex tips to turn your boring sex life around, to lust, foreplay and kinky red hot sex. This is a must have kit for anyone that wants to explore deeper into their sexuality.

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