Secret Vibe

My Secret Vibe –
This has got to be my new favorite toy. It comes package box that looks like a comic book. To view the vibrator before taking it out of the box all you have to do is pull the side. It has 2 little magnets on the side to secure the view. When taking the vibrator out of the box you pop the top open. When doing slow you will, slide the tray out.

What’s in the box?

Including is the remote control that fits into the palm of your hand. If you hit the heart button you can control the speeds by pushing up or down. There are 10 speeds, so lets say you like number 5 and you missed the number all you have to do is push down to go back to that number. The vibrator itself had a rubbery, but firm texture. Which I liked because it did not rub hard on my clit. Also, included are 2 AA batteries and a tiny batter smaller than a AAA battery. After, cleaning the toy you can put it back in the tray and easy storage it goes.

When using the different speeds were really neat. When starting out with one its a soft vibration 2 is a heavy vibration to me. Now when you get to 3 and up it vibrates at a different pulse and speed. Which number 3 was my favorite because it goes steady and the skips a beat. It was amazing and very pleasurable. Especially when it came to letting my partner control the orgasim he wanted me to have. You can use it for other things. I have put it in my partners pocket pussy and he loved the vibrations. This toy is perfect and great for the money. More for the advance user than the beginner user. Other than that loved the Secret Vibe.

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