Screaming Lingo

The LingO vibrating tongue ring is created by Screaming O. It is a one-time use tongue vibrator that can be added to the tongue or finger for added stimulation. The LingO vibrating tongue is a great product for couples who enjoy oral sex and want to add some extra stimulation. It is also an ideal product for the newbies to sex toys. Use it as a couple or solo as a one-use finger vibe. Something as simple as the Lingo vibrating tongue can add a lot of excitement to an otherwise ordinary sexual encounter.
This is also such an affordable product and is disposable. This makes it perfect for a bachelor or bachelorette party.
This product is recommended, by myself, to be used when giving oral sex to a female only. When using it on a male, it poses a choking hazard. Please use with caution.

The Lingo vibrating tongue ring is made of a silicone based rubber compound known as TPR Silicone. The texture of the toy is composed of a gathering of noticeable nubs. They are about the size of a pen point and are placed together. The flesh of the material is very soft and squishy. It feels very similar to a real tongue. It is free of taste and odors. The texture does add stimulation when added to the finger or used at the tip of a tongue. The nubs glide across my clitoris, adding a little extra texture and a few more zap points. The vibrating tongue ring is extremely flexible and can contour with the movement of a tongue

The LingO vibrating tongue ring is crafted with a small internal bullet. The bullet is covered with the soft, squishy TPR Silicone. The bottom side of the ring has a piece that can be stretched around one’s tongue. This piece is very stretchy and will fit most users. The bullet is not uncomfortable on the tongue and it stays in place fairly well. Of course, the faster the action, the more likely it is to slip off. It may take a little adjustment, but it still works for adding stimulation.

When using the ring on a female, the ring stays in place very well. It glides with the movement of the tongue. It is very flexible and works out fairly nice. I also, just for the sake of sharing, used this while give oral sex to a male. This was quite difficult. As soon as I put him in my mouth, the ring slipped off and headed to the back of my mouth. I do not recommend using this for giving males oral sex. There is a large choking hazard. Using it on a finger was the easiest task, but not my favorite. It stayed in place much better, but was not something I cared to use to masturbate. I purchased this for the purpose of adding stimulation to oral sex. Mission accomplished.

The LingO vibrating tongue ring is suitable for travel. It comes in a disposable package. It can be removed, used, and thrown away. It is not discrete, but small in size. It can easily be hidden away just about anywhere.

The function is very simple. It has a small on/off switch on the bullet. It can be turned on, used, and then thrown away. I suppose you could keep it, shut it off, and store it. However, the batteries cannot be replaced. The vibration is one steady, medium level vibration that is probably suitable for most individuals. The ring is very quiet and will not be heard through a closed door.

There is no care and maintenance per say. This is a disposable product and should be used and then tossed. It you only use it for a short amount of time and do want to reuse it until the battery runs out, I recommend washing it up with warm water and soap. I would not use a toy cleaner because it will leave a residue on the ring and it will not be appealing to taste when reused. This toy is waterproof so it can be washed under running water. The ring is compatible with water based lubricants. We used motion lotion and had no issues with that and of course it added some heat and flavor

I received this free of charge in exchange for this review from goodvibes

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