Pleasure Pump

I recently had the opportunity to review the vibrating pleasure pump from Good Vibrations. I was very pleased with this product. I really enjoy my clitoris played with, and when pleasing myself it is hard to do. With the Pleasure pump there are many features I like, for instance; the flexible head for easy maneuvering. It has 2 cups, one with pleasure numbs and one without the numbs, I particually liked the nubs. The cup shape , shapes to your body.

The pleasure pump is designed to help with the blood flow to heighten the sensations with orgasms. This pump includes directions, a sponge, the pump, and extra sleeve. You have to pump, to help the blood flow, the vibrations are just a extra help into making it fun.

Requires 2 AAA batteries.
You must follow the directions on cleaning, Fill a bucket of water mixed with a mild soap and water solution. immerse the cylinder in the bucket. Always clean downward when cleaning and shake throughout horizontal motion.

The vibrations were excellent they were not too soft and not too strong. It was not a noisy toy, but very useful. It really got my clitoris aroused and helps with lasting longer during sexual orientation.

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