Morning Dew
Morning Dew
I like bubble bath, lotions and massage oils. So when I received this kit. I was surprised, how the kit came. I also love getting massages, so it was a scheme to get my man to give me one. This product will work for anyone who is interested in taking a little alone time by themselves or get a nice pampering from their mate or vice a versa.

The kit includes the following:
1 oz Rub Me Massage Bar
2 oz Knead Me Massage Lotion
2 oz Touch Me Massage Oil
2 oz Soothe Me Bubble Bath
2 oz Ignite Me Massage Candle
The bottles are very easy to use, They each have a little push top to pour the contents out. Also, make sure you unscrew each top to break the seal. They do that for health safety rules and, so it doesn’t spill or leak everywhere. The scent is amazing, it isn’t to strong nor is it to light.
The bubble bath is my favorite out of the kit. I love the smell and the texture the bubbles and oils in the solution makes my skin feel. It doesn’t leave it dry, rough or irritated. All you need is a few tablespoons into your running water and your good to go. The massage oil is great, but my back is so dry it soaked right up. It didn’t feel greasy when washing it off though, which is always a plus. The massage lotion is unbelievable, I did need more then recommended but it left me refreshed. I didn’t get to try the massage bar due to the fact, I live in Florida and it’s summer time , so it ended up melting. Please keep in mind the climate when ordering kits that have a risk of melting products. I did love the candle though, when taking a nice hot bubble bath with the jets running I had it lit. I felt like a queen for about 30 minutes until the hubby came and disturbed me.
This kit was extremely nice packaged. It cam in a small box delivered by UPS, when opening the box , it was all nicely packed it a beautiful light blue drawstring bag. Around the edge of the bag had a light blue fake fur. Other than the massage bar leaking it was a terrific product, I will be looking into the other scents they offer. It is also perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, or for that special mom out there. I have to becareful now that my fiance breaks out to anything non organic.

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