foreplay ice chill bullet

The Foreplay Ice Chill from Goodvibe is a unique kit that creates a vibrating sculpture of ice to tantalize your sweet spots with. It is a lot of fun to use with a partner, but it is a smart idea to experiment solo first since you really need to be aware of your body’s limits of freezing temperatures. The vibrating cold ice along with the dripping beads of water feel great on areas like the nipples, labia, and shaft of the penis. You will need a few hours to prep for the lovely occasion, but it worth the wait!

The ice mold and the bullet housing are made of really nice non porous and body safe silicone. They have a matter feel, are firm, but yet flexible. It has no smell either which is awesome and the material is not sticky in the slightest. The mold is a thin silicone that is easy to remove from the ice. The matte texture of the bullet housing makes it a bit easier to hold when slippery.

The Foreplay Ice Chill has three parts. Two or them are for making the ice. It has a mini cup with a flat base that kind of looks like a small cauldron to me (and about the size of a golf ball). It has four mini feet that keep it from falling over. Inside are hollowed out part to make the raised studs when the water that is placed inside freezes. There is also a convenient lip on the side so that you can pull the mold away from the ice when it is finished.

The bullet housing and the piece that the ice attaches to, looks a lot like a pawn piece from a chess set but the base is a bulb instead of a flat stand. Mine is a gorgeous lavender color, but it is available in pink also. The pawn shaped top is designed to go in to hollow mold and have water freeze around it, having it hold in place. The other end has a hollow hole for the bullet to go into. With the bullet in it and the ice attached, it is almost 4″ in total length. The bullet is standard 2 1/2″ long and 3/4″ wide. It has a single push button on its base.

To make your vibrating ice sculpture, you fill the bottom mold with water to the fill point (which I believe is a line of raised dots on the outside). Then you carefully place the purple bullet housing with the bullet removed of course, inside of the mold. Some water will be displaced. You want it to come all the way up to the brim. There is no lip that really hold all of this together. It is more or less a balancing act. Then you place it in your freezer on a level surface for about 90 minutes.

Once it is finished, you have to make sure to rub it in your hand or run under water for a second to get all the frost off. This will prevent it from sticking to your skin. Then you are free to roam about your body! The bullet has three speeds, the highest seems best for actually feeling the vibrations enough through the silicone and ice. The bullet housing can of course be used without the ice and when this is done, all the vibration levels can be felt and are strong enough to produce a clitoral orgasm for me. They all are really quiet too!

Since I already explained how to set up the Foreplay Ice Chill, all you really need to do other than that is make sure you don’t use silicone lubricant. It can be cleaned with soap and hot water or even popped in your dishwasher (or boiled of course to sterilize). Since the package come with extra batteries and the toy itself comes apart into pieces, it is best to store it in the box so you don’t lose any pieces.

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