Death By Orgasm: Vampire

The vampire bullet is a great little personal massager. It can be used for multiple things, such as; clitoral,nipple and testicle stimulation. This is not only for bedroom use, but can be used for some underwater adventure. The vampire can be used day and night and won’t disappear in the sunlight.
This cute little mini bullet comes in a metal coffin tin, which is great for restoring the bullet. It take 3 batteries to operate and comes with 3 more for replacement. They are your typical watch batteries. The bullet is not made of latex, so cleaning is a breeze. I don’t recommended antibacterial soap, due to the fact of keep washing it with that type of soap can lead up to not protecting it from germs.
The vampire bullet has a 3 speed setting. 1 push is low, 2 push is medium and the 3rd push is high. To me the settings were disappointing, if your looking for a quickie than this is not the toy for you.
When taking the plastic tab out I noticed it wouldn’t turn on, so I changed the batteries, that even gave me problems. When using this toy I can’t have it tightened all the way and I have to take the batteries out after using.

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