Travel Trio Masturbator


My partner absolutely loved this Travel trio set, We got to review this from Funwares. At times I hate giving him sex or oral so we have our own play time. This set is great; it has a mouth sucker,ass sucker and a pussy sucker. You can choose your delight of fun what ever you choose its your mission.

When my partner opened the box he noticed there was lube and toy cleaner included in this pack. I like a lot of lube and let me tell you he told me he needed a lot of lube for this set.

The mouth masturbator was really tight even with a little bit of lube it was still a challenge for his cock to go inside. When he finally got his cock inside he said it felt great, it reminded him of my mouth on his penis sliding up and down on it. It was rigged on the inside which made it feel real.

The Ass masturbator he said felt like really fucking a ass, it was nice , smooth and tight. You would really need lubrication when using this masturbator, as it was extremely tight and hard to maneuver inside and up and down. He said it really felt like a real ass hole. As, I am not really big into anal sex, he has had it a few times. He said it was nice and tight.

When it came to the pussy canyon, he said it was like taking a females virginity but without the blood. He was nice and tight just like the anal masturbator.

All 3 of these masturbators requires a lot of lubrication, as my partner is about 6’1/2 inches it was really tight feel on him but satisfying. He says if your any bigger than that be prepared for a very tight fit.

Also, with this kit it comes with a small bottle of lube, which really comes in handy as the holes are very tight and hard to stick your penis inside.

It also includes a bottle of toy cleaner, you just need a little bit to clean each one and your good to go, as these have small holes at the end I would consider them being porus and a condom would strongly be recommended. My man always uses a condom with all his toys due to easy clean up. It would be difficult to clean cum out of a small hole without warm soap and water.

My man had a lot of fun reviewing this product bu pipedream.

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