Pjur water based glide



Pjur man Basic water glide


Lubrication is a big thing when it comes to sex. Questions arise: What kind of lubes are out there? Do I need special ones for toys? Does it help with dryness and tender skin? All these questions cross my mind when looking for lubrication. When funwares sent me the Pjur man basic water glide lube, I didn’t know what to expect.


It came in a 250ml bottle, enough to last you months if you use small amounts. I was looking at the bottle and I knew I needed this for my partner and I, and for my toys, as I have many silicone toys which can only use water based lubes. I was excited when I read on the bottle the list of helpful information on the product.


When looking for a lube, I search for one that is long lasting. When a little bit goes a long way. So, when I saw on the back of the bottle that this lube offers that, I was thrilled. It also stated it is moisturizing and helps with dry and tender skin. That fit me perfectly, as whenever my partner and I have sex, I tend to dry up fairly quickly. Which causes us to stop, since the lube we use dries up and then I do. So, when we put some on the genital area to try it out. Caution: It is a water based lube just a few drops. We learned the hard way. It lasted awhile, and on top of that made the sex feel real and enjoyable not having to worry about having that painful dry sex,where you dry up to quick and ruins the moment.


If you use a condom and worry about if this lube right for you. Not to worry it is absolutely condom safe. If not using a condom be advise does not contain spermicide nor does it protect against pregnancy.


If your like me, who breaks out from certain fragrances, don’t worry this is 100% fragrance free. One thing that I love about this product is that it is oil-free and non greasy. Its not like your typical lubes that leaves you skin feeling oily and sticky after using it.


I received this free of charge from Funwares for this review.

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