Love honey by evolved has to be a hit with vibrators. I received this by funwares for this review. I love everything this vibrator has to offer. When looking for vibrators, I look for something to stimulate my clit.

The vibrator has 2 bullets; 1 at the top and 1 at the bunny base. When placing the batteries inside, unscrew the end that says Evolved. After placing them inside, screw the end back. There will be push button on the end. The nice things about this toy are the vibrations, but it was all conjoined together. I fit the curves of my g-spot. I loved the way the bunny vibrated on my clitoris.

First push is a nice solid soft vibration. It was surprising to have a sensation from a level one.
Push it the second time, it is a medium speed, also noise level goes up, my partner could hear a soft hum noise sitting next to me. That vibration my toes curl.
Push it a third time, it is a out of this world fast stimulate. I orgasmed 3-4 times in a 15 minute period. The noise level was extremely loud. I was very pleased with this vibrator. It is well worth the money, and having a elegant storage container to store it in was pure insanity.

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