LELO’s Sensua Suede Whip

I had the opportunity to review the Lelo Sensua Suede Whip through Funwares. This nice little suede whip comes in a little black box wrapped in tissue paper. The box is great because you can keep it for storage. The Lelo whip comes in 3 colors; black, red and purple. I received this in black. It makes me feel more dominate.The handle has a little weight to it, but it is smooth. The strand are made up of sheep skin, not leather.  There are a few down falls about the whip. It sheds really bad, but it is a con I can get over.The whip is about 4 inches long, the handle is made out of acrylic metal. The words Lelo is imprinted on the handle. There are about 40 tassels that make up this whip.This pretty little whip can stand just about anything, from hardcore bondage to the beginner use. I feel this is more for the beginner due to the texture and material of the whip.I like the size it is not too big nor is it too small. As a person with small hands it fit great. It wasn’t to bulky. My partner and I had a blast. We are just getting into bondage and didn’t know what to expect. This whip was everything and more. I am a major fan of Lelo products and will be shopping around for more products from them. You can find the suede whip and more at Funwares.I was very optimistic about getting a suede whip, due to the fact, that it can hurt. This was very soft to the touch. I feel also this is very elegant and a must have for the toy box. There is no need for clean up as it is hard to clean suede. Don’t get this wet as water tends to ruin suede. This is my honest opinion on the Lelo whip and I have received this free of charge for this review.

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