365 sex positions

365 Sex Positions


I love sex, books and toys. So, I was looking for a book to help spice up my sex life up in the bedroom.  Of course the sex is perfect in the bedroom, but I wanted more. I love foreplay, It seems with foreplay I don’t cum as quickly as I do without it. I had a great opportunity from funwares to review 365 sex positions book. It has every sex position you can think of and more.  It just not has just sex but, oral as well, which is always fun for me.

The positions are not all penetration, there are a lot of going down town. This is very romantic in what I am looking for in sex. What I like the most about this book is that they show how the position looks with real individuals. Also, under the name of each position has a tip on how to do it in an exotic way.

This is a very intimate book; they did not make it into a hardcore fuck fest like you normally see in a sex book. But, a romantic, exotic sex position book. This is a must have book for anyone looking to explore their sexual encounter romantically.

I received this free of charge for this review.

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