Tongue Vibe

Tongue Vibe

I am reviewing the Tongue Vibe through Fascinations. This cute little tongue toy comes in a little compact mirror type case. There are 2 tongue vibes included , each vibe has 2 watch batteries inside and includes 4 extra watch batteries. These are reusable , and easy to clean , also  they do not contain latex so allergens don’t have to worry about this.  I really like using the tongue vibes they come in pink and blue which we use as his and hers. We used them for other things than the tongue. I particularly used it for my vibrator, and put it on his cock as a cock ring. I was disappointed with the vibration speed it put out.

The vibration speed only had one setting, which my vibrator had more power than that, also when giving each other oral sex it felt wonderful. When licking the clit, it felt nice with the vibration and the licking and nibbling felt so wonderful. When giving him oral, I already have a tongue ring , so the vibrations of the vibe and my tongue ring was unbelievable it left him speechless for words. It will fit on other toys such as vibrator , dildos and even glass dildos. I really liked experimenting with these vibes. We used it first with 69 and then we moved on to using the toys. I really liked reviewing this product for Fasinations,

The downfall I noticed was on the blue vibe when replacing the battery top broke off, I had to tape it to keep the batteries in place. When opening the package and took the vibe out, the batteries and the padding that holds everything in place started to come unglued. So, I recommend using another type of storage to hold the vibe and batteries in , the compact case I am not using due to this reason.

Other than than this was a really neat toy that I got to review. I recommend this for anyone who is into oral sex with vibrations. I really like the oral sex, so being able to have that feeling from another person who don’t have a tongue ring was blissful. I am thinking about getting some for my bachelorette party to put in the gift bags. I think everyone who likes oral sex should have this in there toy chest for sure!! I have received this free of charge in return, I give a honest review on this product.

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