Small Toy Chest

Small toy chest

I had the opportunity to review the small toy chest from Fascinations. It is a black smooth finish, with silver platted around the edges and handle. The dimensions are as follows: Length is 12in x width is 4inches and H is 4inches. Getting to open the case with code was a challenge, my code was all zero’s to open it; I am still trying to figure out how to change the numbers to my own personal code.

Inside has a nice smooth black material. I highly recommend using a wet wipe or another household cleaner to clean inside and outside. It had a strong musky odor probably being inside a box for a long time. It was very easy to eliminate the odor after cleaning it. I can say it can hold about 3-4 larger toys. I was able to fit a large rabbit vibrator , a rabbit bullet, inked g-spot vibrator and a wireless secret remote massager. It was also able to hold a few lube packets and condoms. I love my newly collections of Sex Toys.

I am looking into buying a couple more lockable cases, in different sizes. I want to keep nosy easy and people out of my personal and private stuff. I am also looking into getting them in different colors. I can be a perfectionist when it comes to organizing my toys.

I like the fact that it comes very discreet by UPS. When opening the box I noticed it was nicely wrapped in bubble wrap and had a pink crinkle paper covering the product nicely. I think if you’re looking to store a combination of small items , you may be able to fit more than 5 items inside this nice lockable box. Only downfall is the lock is keyless, so if you forget your code, then you are out of luck. I also like this box because it is light weight and does not take up much room. This is perfect for a beginner who is collecting toys

You can purchase this box specifically at Funlove. They have it for a reasonably low price.

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