Shock therapy

Pipedream is a leading manufacture with sex toys. They are most famous for the Fetish Fantasy products. I own many of their fetish fantasy series products. My man and I are really getting into the whole role playing / bondage escapades.  So, when Fascinations asked me what I wanted to review this time. I thought maybe we could bring something new bedroom. When browsing through their website to get some ideas they have to offer in the bondage area. I came across the Pipedream shock therapy kit.

When the mailman rang the doorbell to drop off the box, I immediately tore the box open and was surprised to see the shock therapy kit. Inside the box contained the following items; digital power control with LCD screen, 4 adhesive pads. The pads are reusable which a major plus for the kit was.

The control unit displays function, 3 pre-programmed patterns that you can. It has a timer and runs off of 2 AAA batteries. There are a variety of patterns that you can decide what intensity of pleasure of pain you would like.

There are 4 pads that you can place anywhere you would like too. I placed them on my nipples and towards my clitoris because that’s where I am more sensitive to pleasure. The intensity levels can be earth shattering orgasms, to painful screams of ecstasy.  If you are not wanting to use this product for sexual escapades, then you don’t have to, you can use it on your back and shoulders to help with the tensions of reliving, muscle aches and back pain.

There are many probabilities with using this machine, I like that you can use it for many different strategies. It comes with 4 pads, so you can put them anywhere on your body.  Including your genitals, and if you want to be kinky like that

Keeping this machine in tip top shape is simple. The pads have a clear plastic slip over them, so all you have to do is put plastic back over them to keep them from sticking to things. Reason being is that the pads have a self-adhesive gel on the back of to keep them in place on your body. It better off to keep them on the plastic.

It’s very important to read the instruction guide that’s in included. It tells you have to use the machine, and if you have any health concerns to consult your doctor. Again I received this free of charge for this review.

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