Oral Sex 101

Have you ever wondered the spots on a man or a woman that turn them on? What does oral sex consist of? Well all these questions and more can be answered in the book Oral Sex 101 by Lovers Choice. I chose this book for review from Fascinations. I wanted to know some tips and techniques on how to please my man and how he can please me more.This 18 page book is packed with information on how to give oral and what spots to go for. Did you know that fellatio ranks the number 1 sexual act desired by a man. This book has many sections from Faq to oral sex facts. My favorite section in this book is the his and her erogenous zones. Men and women have the same zones, but when it comes to stimulating they have different outcomes.In a woman the genitalia is the most sensitive zone in her body. This playground is made up of the clitoris, labia, vagina, and the g-spot. Whereas; the male genitalia is different it maybe the most sensitive zone of the male body, but, the head and foreskin are the most sensitive parts and can awakened by the slightest touch or movement.If your looking to spice up some oral then take a look at the oral sex game section. That is something to get you in the mood. There are a ton of tips and techniques to help set the mood and learn new sexual oral tasks. There is a lot more in the book than what I stated. It is perfect for the beginner is oral sex. This book also comes with cherry and mint oral lube. This will help bring flavor and fun to oral sex you never experienced.

This book was free of charge in exchanged for this review.

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