K-Y Intense

I received the K-Y INTENSE FOR Her from Fascinations. This is to help heighten the arousal level for her. Here are some interesting information you may have not known:As you may or may not be aware the clitoris has somewhere close to 8,000 nerve endings; which means that this is a highly sensitive part of the woman’s body.

When you combine this with the fact that the clitoris serves no other purpose than to bring women pleasure it is easy to understand why clitoral orgasms are such an amazing experience for women. This is where the k-y intense for her comes in place. It comes in a small spray bottle. It has about 20 applications in each bottle. So what makes k-y intense for her so intense?


PEG-8 – lubricating ingredient

Propylene Glycol – increases sensation

Hydroxypropylcellulose – lubricating ingredient

Tocopherol – soothing agent

Niacin – increases sensation and blood flow


I should have read the ingredients before using, why is that you ask, its simple. My body is weird, I tend to dry up quickly with warming ingredients. I sprayed 2 squirts like the directions said to, it started to burn, but I ignored the feeling. While I was being intimate I noticed it started to dry me up and when I tried to reach that point I lost it in a instant  Also, the smell got to me, it was a spicy scent to it which was horrific. Another thing is  I don’t recommend doing oral while using this product. I had a horrible taste to it, my partner was complaining it tasted really bad. The direction says 2 sprays,but you really only need to, it sprayed fairly quickly. A little bit goes a long way. I think I am going to stick with all natural lubes for now. It may work for you but not for me.


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