This ultra slim and sleek g-spot vibrator by Doc Johnson, is absolutely divine. The g-spot curved tip was amazing. It hit the g-spot just right. It was intense, but not too intensed. I really like how the speeds are, the spin dial at the end of the vibrator has multiple settings. The lowest one really didn’t feel like I was using it, but the highest speed was lovely. I also like the fact that this sleek and smooth vibrator is waterproof.

I particularly like waterproof toys due to the fact they can be used discreetly. I like the name Harmony because it sings out a nice harmony that I have when using it. I was grateful to be able to review this product from funlove superstore. Cleaning this toy with a mild soap and water. I can’t use many toy cleaners nor scent lubrication scents due to allergic reactions. I usually store toys in a satin bag or keep it in it’s original box.

I also use non latex condoms when using certain toys if I know they are hard to clean. I have a female under the bed storage container which is actually a shoe organizer. I also keep a lock on the case so, kids or anyone I don’t want to see whats inside. This toy takes 2 AAA batteries which is not included. I also recommend that taking out the batteries when not in use, especially with waterproof toys. You never know while twisting the speeds up and down if a little water will get inside, I know a few toys were ruined because of that. The batteries get corroded and ruin the toys. I really like the shape of the g-spot vibrators because, it angles just right to my curves inside. Unlike, other vibrators it tends to be hard when trying to get that right angle of a orgasm.

I have been using this Harmony vibrator for the past 2 weeks in the shower and I am thinking about buying a couple for a few friends bridal shower gag gifts. I am fairly new to toy testing, and it has been a pleasure trying different toys to liven my sex life up. The slimmer toys are often the hardest to test. Often, seeing the fact toy covers don’t particularly fit and I don’t recommend sharing any type of toy unless I use a toy cover, or condom. I love sex toys and lingerie.

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