Contour M

Contour M

Setting the mood is a big issue for me. The setting has to be perfect for the soft tone romance. How to get me in the mood is a great massage, so when fascinations sent me the JimmyJane Contour M Massage stone, I was thrilled.

When my partner threw the brown box at me when the delivery man delivered it, I ended up yelling him. There were 2 reasons why, 1. Was I did not know what was inside, and 2. It could have been my massage stone and it could have broken it. Well it ended up being my massage stone, but it was not broken. When  we took it out of  box, he was interested in knowing more about it. Well we noticed it came with a booklet.

The stone is made of double-fired porcelain and biocompatible, it is also durable and easy to clean. It is designed for versatility and perfect to apply to the whole body. You would want to watch how much pressure you’re applying. There are such techniques such as the following;

*Large dome- (contacts the whole body)

– used for broader, shallow contact

* multi-node – ( 4 small nodes)

–   good for multi-point stimulation of muscles

* single node – (single small node)

– deepest stimulation of muscles

You can heat the contour M by placing in warm water or by using a small amount of warm oil from Afterglow massage candle on the bottom of the stone. It is both orgasmic and relaxing. To cool things up place in cold water or refrigerate, which refreshes the body.

When using the stone it relieves a lot of pressure and released tension. Releasing the tension makes me relaxed and gets me in the mood for slow hot sex.  Using a little bit of massage oil helped the stone glide nicely on my back.

How to clean the stone is very easy, hand wash with a mild soap rinse in cold water and hand dry with a soft towel.

There are some don’t dos with this stone.

  1. Do not use this if it is broken or damaged in anyway, throw it away immediately.
  2. Do not microwave, stovetop or place in an oven. Always check the temperature before using.
  3. Do not use on abdomen if pregnant.
  4. Do not use on swollen inflamed, unexplained pain.
  5. Do not use on an area for more than 15 minutes
  6. Do not use if you have sensitive skin or poor circulation.

I received this product free of charge for this review.

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