Colore Moi Body Paint


I was excited when Fascinations asked me if I could review body paint for them. Of, course I said yes. I am always up for a good challenge and new experiences. I received the Colore Moi Kissable body paint by FunFactory. I have a few vibrators and click in charge toys made by FunFactory. So, having the opportunity to review something new was out of this world.

This paint comes with directions, and there is a major caution with this paint. Kissable, but not suitable for regular consumption. Which means not to be eating on a regular bases.

Application is very easy to apply. Apply it with your fingertip or with a brush. Apply directly to your skin, and dries quickly. They have many colors you can choose from. I had the opportunity to receive this in green. It looks like a camouflage green. The con to applying it is, it is very watery and runny which means it comes out fairly quick. In my opinion it was very messy review. Other than colors it also has a scent and taste to the color. The scent and taste was lime. Which is very hard to describe, the best way for me to describe it is,a corona beer with lime. It taste just like that. The lime had a tart taste made my lips pucker.

I have stencils that I use with my body chocolate that I decide to try with this paint. I painted words and symbols on my body and surprised my man with directions to the places I wanted him. We took turns and I painted on him and it was like a mission searching for buried treasure.

When cleaning up the paint on our body was very easy. Warm water washed it right down the drain, after washing with soap. It didn’t leave my skin feeling dry or sticky.

There were a few cons about this paint as I mentioned about, but the biggest con I had was there was no ingredients listed. I looked on the back of the box, in the directions, and on the back of the 1.7 fl oz tube. I thought of this as very disappointing and odd, as some people have allergies to certain ingredients. If it wasn’t so runny, and watery and had ingredients this would be a great product for me. Someone else may not care about these cons and would be great and fun for them.

I received this free of charge for this review

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