Angelo Mini Vibe

Angelo minivibe by: FunFactory

The Angelo minivibe can be used to stimulate internal vaginally. It can also be used to stimulate externally for an example; The tip of the vibrator would be great for foreplay. You can stimulate the nipples on a female or even on your partners penis. Everyone is different, these are just my experiences.

The Angelo is made out of 100% silicone. Which means clean up is as simple as soap and water. You can even use a anti bacterial cleaner. It is also 100% waterproof. Which is always a plus for me when looking into toys. I like having a underwater adventure. This vibrator is very discrete for traveling. I like the design of the vibrator, it is sort of has a design of a abstract.

The vibrator shaft/head is flexable which is great. I like the g-spot tip. It adds intensity to my orgasms.
There are 3 vibrations that provide a variety of pleasures; low, medium and high. To turn the minivibe on press the + button for a few seconds. To increase the speed hold the + up through the 3 speeds. If you want to lower the vibrations hold the – down. Also if you hold the – for a few seconds it will turn off.

Tech specs :

Length – 5 ½ inches
Width – 1 ½ inches
Powered by: 2 AAA batteries

This one came with a click in charge cord, but the Angelo does not have the click and charge option.
This vibrator come is either Blackberry or Pool blue. I had the opportunity to review the Angelo in Pool Blue from Fascinations.

I really liked the vibrations this vibrator pushed out. It’s very easy to use, control, and clean. I like that it is small and discrete that you can hide or even carry in your purse. I have to say this was one of the coolest vibrators I got to review from Fascinations.

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