My First Time


This toy is perfect size for any amount of pleasure. The soft jelly texture makes it perfect for your own personal pleasure or a fun addition during sex. The texture at the base of the vibrator creates an intense extra sensory moment. The angled tip hits your g-spot dead on while the texture at the base stimulates your clit simultaneously. Three speeds are amazing when you want to control the intensity and the highest level is just right to have a mind-blowing orgasm. This vibrator is completely waterproof: HUGE bonus.

The soft jelly texture is not completely pliable, but is firm enough to penetrate deeply to keep you filling full and give you an intense orgasm. The texture at the base of the vibrator stimulates the sensitive area of your labia while occasionally hitting your clit with the right motion. The textured area is directly next to the twist control for vibration intensity giving you a heightened feeling of pleasure at your own speed.

The shape was average. The head of the dildo did stimulate the g-spot with the right angle of your wrist. It’s not an intense vibrator unless you tilt it at just the right angle. The smoothness made insertion super easy and sent chills down my spine. The size is perfect for a beginner, although can be for the advanced user. This vibrator is perfect for foreplay and solo time. It always works great during oral sex, the combined clit stimulation with this vibrating dildo will bring you to orgasm easily. It can travel–I would recommend wrapping it within a piece of clothing and removing batteries prior to travel to avoid any embarrassing moments

The three vibration speeds are perfect to build up to make her wet. The control has an easy-to-grip turning knob at the bottom that makes for easy access during an important moment. I prefer the third level of vibration for the powerful stimulation either vaginally or externally. The vibration was not as intense in water, but the toy did not wear out in water. The water silences the slight vibration sound, but could use a little more kick

I found the best way to care for this toy is just antibacterial soap and water. I would recommend double checking if the battery case is closed to avoid any water leaking in. I let it completely dry before storing in a cool dark place.

I used this toy constantly when I masturbate and then incorporate it during sex. It’s an easy-to-use, versatile toy that I recommend as a first-time vibrator.

Disclosure of material connection:  received one or more products mentioned above free from the manufacture. My review of the product is based on my personal opinion.

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