lighted shimmers

I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I ordered the Lighted Shimmers Bliss vibrator by Cal-Exotics. This company hasn’t failed me yet, though, so I was excited to receive it! This toy comes in pink and purple and I chose purple!

Made out of food-grade material and free of the dreaded Phthalates, this is an excellent and safe toy. The toy is made out of plastic, which is rated an 8 on the safety scale, which is pretty high up there. It can be used with water-based, oil-based and silicone-based lubricants. It can’t be boiled or autoclaved, so sterilizing isn’t possible. This means that you should use a condom on this toy if you plan to share it. Cleaning should be with toy cleaner, hot water and antibacterial soap, or isopropyl alcohol.

After measuring my toy, it was just over 7″ long, though only 5 3/4 is insertable. You don’t want to insert past the last nub before the battery compartment. The toy itself is fairly lightweight and came packaged in a plastic sleeve inside of its product box. The box is a pretty purple color on the front with the toy’s picture and the name of the toy along with the words “Illuminating with extreme power” on the bottom. The back lists your typical product description with company contact info.

This toy takes 2 AA batteries and waterproof! You will want to make sure that you close the battery compartment tightly, so that no water gets inside of the compartment while in the tub. I did use this in the bath, and it works quite well!

The coolest thing about this toy, other than how amazing it feels and how powerful it is, is the fact that it lights up! The toy itself is purple and pretty see-through, but as you turn it on it lights up! The higher the setting the brighter the light! The blue light makes it easy to see in the dark of course, and makes it all the more fun to use in my opinion! Also if you are using this toy on someone, it will make it easier to see what you’re doing if you want to use it in the dark! The tip of the toy has a small “ball” on it, actually looking like a baby bottle nipple, followed by two larger nubs.

It is multi-speed, and has a turn-dial base. The dial isn’t overly sensitive, so it won’t shut off accidentally during use but it isn’t so picky that it is hard to turn on. There was no noticeable taste or smell to the toy at all. Because it is so sleek, I did not actually need any lubrication to use this toy, only my own natural goodness! This toy shouldn’t be used for anal play because it does not have a flared base and might be lost in the body, so if you do try this, make sure you hold on! That would be an unpleasant trip to the ER!

The only part of this toy that I didn’t like at first was the battery compartment. To screw the top back on, there are two different sized slots on the toy part, and two matching pieces that fit into those slots on the top to the compartment. You have to carefully match them up in order to put the top back on. These always frustrate me because I don’t leave my batteries in my toys when they are not in use, so each time I have to fumble with putting batteries in and closing it. Other than that, I didn’t notice anything else about the toy that I did not like!

It was a bit loud on the highest setting, but very powerful which made up for it. It could easily be heard from under the covers, but depending on how soundproof your room is, it may not be able to be heard behind closed doors. I know that it definitely would be heard in my house unless I had music on, or something else like a fan or air conditioner that makes noise. Of course, the toy itself is not discreet. Most people who take one look at it will figure out what it is, but maybe if you are dealing with someone who lives under a rock, you can tell them it is a neat back massager! (but really, just hide it somewhere)

To store my toy, I simply keep it in a pouch, since it did not come with one.

I recieved this toy free of charge in exchange for this review

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