laura berman fiona

I recieved this from cal exotic sexpert and I’m glad I recieved this vibrator.  It is small, cute, and durable.

When it first came to me I cut it out of the plastic it was in and all of the interchangeable plastic heads came flying out.  I realized at that moment, I wasn’t going to like them.  And I was correct on my very early assumption.  Considering how small the fiona is, it’s about the size of the battery you put in it.  It’s easy to grip and hold and you can pin-point exactly where you want to feel the vibrations.  Since the size is so small, it’s great for traveling and keeping in your purse (or pocket, even).  It is also see-through, which the geek and nerd in me absolutely loves because in a lot of ways you can see all of the working pieces inside of it.  You can see its guts!

Nevertheless, this vibrator really is basic.  It only has one vibration setting and that is simply turning the base of it up to ‘On‘.  I, personally, cannot consider the lack of multi-speed as a negative or a bad mark against the fiona.  Clearly it is just a basic, standard, cheap vibrator.  However, the vibration itself is actually fairly strong for such a compact little body.  It will really surprise you once you turn it on.  The downside however, is that with the strength, comes the sound.  It is not super, annoyingly loud, loud.  It is simply not very discreet and quiet.

Remember how I mentioned I wouldn’t like the interchangeable tips?  Well, like mother birds reject their young, I simply threw them out.  I tested them once and realized the only one even semi-worth keeping is the rounded, non-textured plastic cap-like tip they give you with the three others.  Considering you cannot slow this vibrator down by having a slower speed setting, the other ribbed and spiky tips were almost too much for my poor clitoris to take.  So my apologies if anyone wanted a detailed overview of how the caps feel, felt, are designed, etc.  Yes, they are part of the product itself, but I’m not going to lengthily test out something that hurts me.

I must confess and repent though.  I had a miraculous moment while I was playing with the fiona.  Without any caps on the very tip of the toy, there are three little metal pieces that protrude just slightly.  They won’t nick you or hurt, they are simply rounded, cold, and there.  And oh my god.  I never thought metal would be able to do what it did, but gosh darn it, it did it and it did it well!  I’m not sure if it’s the connection between the three pieces of metal; I’m not sure if it’s how distinct the vibrations feel once it hits the metal pieces.  All I know is, I would give up my first newborn if I was able to have every vibrator I own throw me over the edge as well as the fiona did.  Because I’m going to be brutally honest here, this baby is going straight to my vagina and dammit, it’s staying there!

Ahem.  I got a little off subject.  To go a little into the material, the fiona is made of TPR.  TPR is really just a plastic that’s good on the sanitary scale and not nearly as porous as some materials.  You cannot boil this toy and I strongly suggest not using a 2% bleach solution. I feel that it would break the material down over time.  Silicone or water based lubes should be used.  I strongly suggest not to apply lube to the tip of this toy without a plastic tip being on it.  I know that seems strange just after I completely banished mine to the trash Gods, but this is not a waterproof toy and I do not know if the metal pieces are sealed up to make it safe enough around lubes that can get into the product.

Overall, this is a great toy for the price.  I may not have used the caps that come with it to sort of “change it up”, but I enjoy and appreciate them being offered as a way of customizing my pleasure and making this toy much more interesting.  I have had no major issues with this product since it arrived in the mail and I have actually been using it more than any of my other toys.  The pleasure I get from the Athena is definitely great and I am very glad I can review this for people contemplating this toy.  Buy it!  It is so worth it.

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