L’amour 8 Speed Purple Bullet

This L’amour 8 Speed purple Bullet measures 2.75x 1 inch/ 7 cm x 2.5 cm. Its all about power with this advanced power pack. It is ergonomically shaped for versatile use. There are 8 intensely increasing speeds that pulsate and escalate. Use the EZ grip controller with LED indicator light to regulate the ABS with PU Cote (bullet/petal and controller) Silicone (buttons). Requires: 4 AAA batteries.

A bullet, is a great addition to anyone’s collection or great as a starter “adult item”. The  is great for so many things. This bullet is roughly 2.75x 1 inch/ 7 cm x 2.5 cm. I’m not a huge fan of those bigger or bulkier bullets, but this one is a great size!  smooth finish with a purple plastic controller case makes it pretty too! The battery compartment/controller does seem a little “low quality” because its so thin and lightweight. However, as of yet, I haven’t had any issues with chipping, cracking or breaking. So it seems OK.

The power of this toy is pretty great. With having multi speeds, I was able to use one that suited me best, without being overpowering. The L’amour takes 4 AAA batteries. My favorite thing about the bullet is that its very versatile. I can use this as a toy, or a massager. Its great for when I have headaches. I set the settings to low and rub this bullet along my temples or at the base of my neck. It works wonders! I can also use this on my hands and wrists for when my tendonitis starts to act up. (I’m on my computer A LOT so this flares up daily).

As for “playtime use”, I found that this can be used as a solo masturbation toy OR as a couples toy.  Some bullets are too bulky, too thin or too long.

My only issue with this toy is that it can be a little too loud for my liking. I have kids in the home, so I need to be as discreet as possible sometimes. Sometimes, this cannot be done with this bullet.

I received free of charge from calexotics in exchange for this review

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