fur handcuffs

The Love Cuffs are simply handcuffs with a soft fuzzy sleeve to make them a bit more comfy and pretty. They were surprisingly sturdy! I kinda expected them to be flimsy and easy to escape, but they aren’t! They do have a nifty little safety catch on the side to quickly release yourself without the key, just in case–which makes them totally beginner friendly! It is awesome because these were my first cuffs. They can be used to cuff your partner’s (or them cuff your) hands behind your back or attach to a rope or chain to restrain you in a certain area.

hese cuffs are made from stainless steel, with cute little metal cuff keys attached. There are also these pretty little pink, fuzzy, faux fur sleeves that slip over the wrist cuff part to keep them from digging in, making them more comfortable. These sleeves are completely removable so if your not into the fluffy bunny feel then you can toss them! They do come with a set of handcuff keys, but they aren’t really necessary, other than just to set the scene. The cuffs have small levers on each one that when depressed, will release the locking mechanism on the cuffs.

They came in a small black box with writing all over it, and they were also wrapped in a clear plastic bag inside the box. I wouldn’t say the box is discrete as it is covered in large writing, but there are no pictures, it would make a fine gift box.

They really shouldn’t need to be cleaned too much other than maybe the fuzzy sleeve things. And those can be hand washed or tossed in the wash I would think, I haven’t needed to do this though. The cuffs themselves can just be wiped with a damp cloth, and then be sure to let them set out for a while to air dry.

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