Clitorial Hummer waterproof

Let me first take a moment to compose myself while writing this review, because otherwise, I will sound like a 7 year old who just discovered her new favorite candy in the whole wide world!

Now, that being said, lets get to business! The vibrator, as the name would instantly tell you, is best for clitoral stimulation. I am more enthused by clitoral stimulation than G-spot stimulation, but if you prefer the other, you are in luck, because this toy also has a nub for your G-spot, too!

Upon receiving the toy, I investigated the packaging. It came in a hard plastic shell, which is easily popped open. On the back are your typical facts about the product, explaining its special features, the front basically giving more of the same. The toy itself almost has a pearl-like shine to it, in an off-white color; it is a very attractive toy! It is also a decent size, about 7 1/2″ from top to bottom, and has a nub on one side and a scoop on the other for G-spot and clitoral stimulation. 6 1/2 inches of the toy is insertable.

The toy is made out of hard plastic, which means you can feel free to use your favorite water, oil or silicone based lubricant with it! It is also hypo-allergenic and latex free, so those with sensitivities to certain materials need not worry! Many will also be happy to hear that the product is free of phthalates! For a plastic toy, you will want to clean it with antibacterial soap and water, with your favorite toy wipes, or with alcohol wipes. This toy can not be sterilized. If you plan to share, you will want to consider using a condom on this toy.

Again, going off the name, you will notice that this toy is waterproof. I did use it in the tub, and had no problems with water getting inside of the battery compartment, and it worked very well in the water! It is actually one of the better vibrating toys I’ve used for water play!

Another feature I am drawn to is the dial-control. To turn the toy on, you just turn the base once your two AA-batteries are inserted, and you go from levels of vibration from very mild, to a shocking 4 Vrooms worth of vibrations! I personally prefer the dial-based controls over the buttons on some toys, because it is easier to adjust, as opposed to fumbling with buttons when the last thing you want to have to do is try and find what will adjust your toy to bring you to sweet release! The only drawback is that with this particular toy, the dial is quite sensitive, and you can change the settings on the toy easily by accident. You’ll want to be careful, as you don’t want to shut the toy off at the wrong moment! Something else that can kill the moment is a toy that drains the life out of your batteries! This toy did drain the batteries fairly quickly but you should be able to get 4 to 5 sessions out of a pair depending on use. I would suggest rechargeables, so as to save money

I’ve always been a bit of a power queen, and so I had my doubts about how well this toy would work for me, but to my surprise it worked far better than I’d ever expected!

Most of the time when I get a new toy, my boyfriend loves to try them out on me, so that we can experience them together. This was the case for this toy as well. He had me lay on the bed and I shivered in anticipation as I watched him insert the 2 AA batteries that would give power to my pleasure item. He turned the dial and set it on the lower setting and told me to close my eyes. I complied and waited to see (or feel) what was next. He started by teasing my nipples on this low setting. He actually used the scoop side of the toy, cupping it over my nipples and slowly increasing the vibrations to where he knew I could handle it; I have very sensitive nipples. After my nipples were nice and teased and hard, he moved downward. He pressed down on my pelvic bone, allowing me to feel some of the vibrations inside of me, but more or less leaving me waiting. I was at this point craving more, and anticipating what I knew would come next (preferably me?).

Knowing my body, he cranked the dial all the way up to its full power and began stimulating me clitorally. It felt amazing! Every second was pure pleasure, and I was quickly swept away in the moment, feeling the steady vibrations, him adding a little bit of pressure and occasionally rubbing the toy on me in circular motions. It was almost overwhelming and I very quickly reached climax.

Because the nub can pinpoint very specified areas, I actually used the toy on him as well! I teased around his nipples as well, and also, with silicone lube, ran the toy up and down his shaft on a medium vibration.

Both of us enjoyed it, and this is going in my special place where I keep only my favorite toys!

I received this free of charge in exchange for this review from cal exotics

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