The Accommodator is Cal Exotic’s chin harness. It has two straps that wrap around the head which make the dildo then fall at the chin. It can then be used to provide penetration while performing oral sex. It makes it a completely hands free activity, allowing your partner to caress your body while simultaneously managing to provide external and internal stimulation.

This is a beginner level harness. It isn’t too big in size or made of super pricey or high quality materials. It’s a good introduction to see if a chin harness is something you might like.

The Accommodator is made of latex. Latex is a four on the safety scale as it is highly porous. If you are concerned about safety and longevity of the toy, it is recommended that you use a condom with each use.

The first thing I noticed about the material was the smell. It smells like doctor’s gloves. Very strongly, I might add. When taken out of the box, it will knock you back. I do not need to hold this to my nose to smell it. After a few washes, the smell has remained strong. Since this will be near the nose of whoever is wearing the harness, this can be a major drawback.

If you’ve ever put on a pair of latex gloves, you’ll know the feeling of this material. It has a ton of drag to it. If I run my hand down it, my hand sticks to the material and doesn’t not want to glide down the shaft. The material wrapped loosely around the inner shaft. This means that I can get the latex exterior to bunch up when I run my hands across it. When it bunches, it is hard to get back in place.

The dildo is smooth. The head is shaped in a life like fashion. There is a ridge at about an inch from the bottom of the dildo. I’m not sure why this is. It looks like there is some type of connector or something. I couldn’t really feel the head or the ridge during use. The inner core is somewhat firm but with a fair amount of give. I can squeeze it in and get it to indent but it will push back against me. When used, it feels more firm than squishy. I cannot bend it forward or backward more than a few centimeters.

The harness has two straps on it. One goes around near the nape of the neck and the other goes around right above the ears. The straps are made of the same latex material that the dildo is made of. While you cannot adjust these, they will stretch a good bit. I can get the larger strap to extend to almost a foot and a half long. I’m thinking this will fit around most people. The larger the head of the user, the tighter the fit will be and thus the more uncomfortable.

The problem with stretchy straps as opposed to actual adjustable ones is that they can be painful to get on and take off. The latex material will pull at your hair. My husband says it was like putting a glove on his head. He had a hard time getting this on. When I watched him put it on, I could see it pull at his hair as he adjusted it. If it actually manages to rip some out, well, that could be a bit of a mood killer.

Essentially, I would say the quality on this is pretty low. It’s just a stretchy material and that’s it. It’s nothing fancy. It’s also not overly expensive, so you’re getting what you pay for in this instance.

The dildo measures, at my measurement, 5 inches long. The product page lists 4.5 inches long. The diameter at the widest point is 1.5 inches. Near the head it is 1 inch. The straps are 4.75 inches long for the short strap and 6.5 inches long for the long one. The width is 1 1/9 inch. Keep in mind that this has a lot of stretch to itI generally use smaller toys. My diameter limit is exactly what this dildo measures – 1.5 inches. I think 1.5 inches is a good size for beginners as well. It’s also good for advanced users that like smaller to medium sized toys. Those who like a lot of girth will probably be left unsatisfied.

The length of this was okay. What could potentially pose a problem, and did for me at times, is if the length of this is too long for you. Again, I generally use smaller toys. When this is used, in order for your partner to be able to reach you with his or her tongue, the whole dildo will need to be inserted. You can’t just insert up until you’re comfortable and stop. I found that at times this went a little too deep and my husband kept having to pull away from me which then would also stop him from being able to perform oral. So if you think you can’t take in the entire length, this won’t work

Okay, first thing first. This toy looks hilarious when it is on. It is really difficult to be sexually aroused seeing your partner will a dildo on their chin. When my husband finally got this on, we both ended up laughing for a good ten minutes over it before we could use it. My husband says he’s going to use it as his Halloween costume next year. That, or just randomly start showing up places with it on and act like nothing is going on to see what people do.

Aside from the hilarity of the toy, there are two sides to this. There is the side of the person wearing the toy and the side of the person the toy is being used on. Since this was used on me, I have the most info on that. I will share what my husband imparted on me, however. He said this was difficult to get on. Had he not told me that, I still would have known from watching him struggle with it. He had to pull out the box to see how it was supposed to go. He also didn’t like how it hit his ears, but he has issues with things touching his ears. He said the smells was off-putting, but that it wasn’t uncomfortable to wear.

On my side, let me begin by saying that I don’t generally like oral. In fact, the whole reason I decided to accept this was because my husband enjoys giving oral but I never let him. I found that while this didn’t manage to make me suddenly love it, it did make it more enjoyable for me. While we have used dildos with oral before, this did feel somewhat different because of the angle he was able to perform oral. He was able to stay straight on my clit whereas normally to insert something would mean he would have to tilt to the side. However, the length did cause issues where it would hurt me every so often and he would have to stop entirely because by pulling back the dildo he could not reach me anymore.

Because the entire toy is made of latex, you can simply wash everything off with toy cleaner or soap and water. As mentioned, for longevity and safety, it is recommended that you use a condom with this toy as it is highly porous material.You can use water and silicone lubes with this toy.

This toy comes with a box that you could use for storage. It’s a decent size, but is not discreet at all. You could also store this in a drawer or pouch.
The packaging on this is pretty funny. It says “The Accommodator Latex Dong” on the front with a gigantic picture of a mannequin looking head wearing the harness. The harness just looks funny no matter who wears it, I suppose. There is also a picture on the side and back. You just can’t get away from it! The back has a little blurb about the toy.
It’s not even slightly discreet. I mean, look at it. Seriously. I like to keep thing in original packaging when possible so I know what’s what. I’m so embarrassed to have this. It’s also kinda funny though, so I’m a little torn about it
I haven’t gone into what I really hate about this yet, but I will in the experience section. Basically, my final word on this is that due to the low material quality I really hesitate to recommend this. The material doesn’t feel all the great, so even if the safety weren’t an issue, there’s the bunching up problem and the atrocious smell. There’s also the fact that looking at your partner with this on is probably not a turn on for anyone.

However, if you can get past these things, this may well be a good investment. It is a pretty neat little toy and while I was able to use it was pretty fun.

 I received this free of charge from California exotics in exchange for this honest and unbiased review


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