wallbanger dolphin

I received the wallbanger dolphin from the adulttoyshoppe for this review. Upon opening the package, the Wall Bangers Deluxe Dolphin looked just how it was pictured. The color is a bright blue, and the overall size is nice and thick. The smell was not over-powering, but it was definitely there. This went away after a few good cleanings. When I first took the toy out of the box, I was a little disappointed at how firm it was. I, personally, was looking for something that is a little softer. There is not a lot of “squish” to the shaft, and it definitely doesn’t bend easily.

The batteries are easy to install, but this is where one of the main issues with this toy comes in. If the cap is screwed on completely (which is what should happen since it’s waterproof), the vibrations turn off. In order to get the bullet to turn on, the suction base can only be screwed on about 90% of the way. This makes it difficult to position the dolphin properly when using the suction cup. It also makes it so that the toy will turn itself off when you are using it. The suction works well but not if too much water gets behind it.

As I mentioned above, the size of this toy is great. It is very filling, and the dolphin stimulator hits just the right spots. The bullet is strong, so the clitoral vibrations are nice and strong. It is also fairly quiet which is nice. Unfortunately, there are no vibrations in the shaft. This toy is very firm, so it would need to be positioned just right if you wanted to use it hands-free. The head on the shaft is fairly large and a bit rigid, so you may need to be somewhat gentle when inserting it.

This vibrator is easy to clean, and since it can be taken in the shower, you can just clean it right then and there. As usual, just make sure not get any water inside the control pack

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