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Well I am sure your looking for the reviews for Babeland. I still have not received those yet. Also, stay tune for real pictures of the items. If you have any suggestions email me at

Stay Tune for the newest Affiliate we have joining sexy reviews Pipedream.


So, it is Friday! I had a busy week reviewing. If you check out Good Vibrations section, I have the Vibrating Pleasure pump review up, and the Cherry Bombin restraints reviews are up.
Stay tune for after the weekend for the doggy style sling. I am reviewing for the Adult Toy Shoppe. I will be adding a link over to my Eden’s fantasys page where you can find all my reviews I have done over there. Stay tune for Babeland’s reviews for, the Edible Body Chocolate and the Santa duckie, Also look for the following from Fascinations after the holidays. . Hope everyone has a great holiday.